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Who we are


Rachel Parsons was born in Cranbrook BC, Canada and studied at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. In 2006 she joined a pioneering team from England to establish Cherish Uganda; she was named director in 2008. Rachel is a visionary spirit, a creative mind and communicates passionately her conviction of Godʼs redemptive story in both her life and the lives of children living with HIV/AIDS.

She is dedicated to working in sustainable partnership with communities to champion the cause of their most vulnerable children and to change their stories, from victims to leaders in their generation. Her overarching passion is the church- itʼs mandate of love, itʼs message of grace and itʼs power to transform broken lives. Rachel is living full time in Uganda.

Cherish Uganda “Cherishing children with HIV/AIDS. Embracing with them a future of promise.”

Cherish Uganda is a story of redemption. Itʼs a story that begins with an orphaned child who is living with HIV/AIDS. This child has no family, no access to healthcare or treatment, no education and is living in abject poverty. Today there are 150,000 children living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda alone.

In a story many expect to be characterized by death, sickness and hopelessness, God has reached into the pages of these childrenʼs lives and is writing a new story of HOPE. This story is transforming the hearts and lives of children living with HIV/AIDS, raising them up to become signs and symbols of hope for their generation.

ʻThe HOPE Principlesʼ of Health, Love, Prosperity and Education are combined within one sustainable village to provide homes, organic farming and primary education all in one place for children living with HIV/AIDS. It is a place where the least likely to survive are becoming leaders, entrepreneurs and valued members of community.

Now, a community approach based on The HOPE Principles is being developed to transform communities in two-way partnerships where the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the greatest poverty co-exist.

This approach will be characterized by partnership with healthcare providers, churches, business Where stigma, shame and discrimination has buried the hope for a generation of children, God is revealing His unstoppable plans and purposes for their lives.

Join us in a redemption story that is much bigger than us

Our history


In 2006 Rachel Parsons joined a pioneering team from England to establish Cherish Uganda.


she was named director in 2008.

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